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      5 Alexa Hacks for Adulthood

      Posted by Jason H. on Apr 17, 2023 9:00:00 AM

      Adulthood is hard. Staying on top of everything at all times can be a lot. Whether you are in school, starting your career or ready to retire, there are always tasks to be completed, food to be made, and places to be. Having one centralized place to help you stay organized is crucial — and you can have that with Amazon Alexa! Below are just 5 ways you can use Alexa devices, like the Echo Show, to thrive in this crazy thing we call adulthood.


      Alexa Features

      1. Calendar and Email Notifications
        Checking your calendar and emails constantly can be a hassle, and important reminders often slip through the cracks. Connecting your email and calendar with your device through the Amazon Alexa App will allow you to get visual and/or audio notifications when events or meetings are coming up. 
      2. Recipe Organizer
        Want to make that viral feta pasta dish you saw on TikTok? Easily look it up with your Alexa, then ask it to remember any of your favorite recipes. While cooking, Alexa will give you step-by-step instructions with audio or video so you don't have to keep looking at your Grandma's recipe book or touching your dirty phone. Take advantage of this hack by downloading the All-Recipes plugin on your Amazon Alexa app.
      3. Alexa Guard
        Don’t have a security system or just want an extra layer of security? Setting up your Amazon Guard in the Alexa App is free to use and can detect burglary, carbon monoxide and other security breaches in your home. You also have the ability to pay a premium to be able to contact the authorities for help.
      4. Connected Home
        Always leaving the house in a rush? Leaving the doors unlocked, lights on, or the heat running can all be fixed within your Amazon Alexa App. There are tons of smart devices that can hook up to your Amazon account to make your life easier. Ask an altafiber store representative for more information on all the devices that can be used in your home and which ones can pair with your Alexa.
      5. Start My DayiPad
        Start your day on the right side of the bed with Alexa! Not only does Alexa act as an alarm clock, but once you wake up, you can say, "Alexa start my day" and it can tell you about the weather, local traffic on your way to work or school, any breaking news, and much more. Simply say the command to Alexa to set it up and customize what you would like to hear each day.

      Hear about these features on our TikTok and make your life much easier by taking full advantage of your Alexa. Don't have one yet? You can purchase Alexa devices at altafiber retail stores around the region and customers can take advantage of our interest-free installment billing. Watch our unboxing video to learn more about the Echo Show 10, specifically, which you can get for about $11 a month for 2 years at altafiber.

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