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      Google Assistant Ride at CES - You Do Not Want to Miss This

      Posted by Allison on Jan 9, 2019 11:56:44 AM

      CES Day 1 is complete. Our friends left our hometown of Cincinnati and are currently at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. If you are reading this thinking “What is the CES Show?” then head over to our first blog, Consumer Electronic Show (CES) – 2019. In the blog we explain all the fun and exciting new technology that is coming to the convention this year.

      This year at the CES show, there are lots of exciting new technology to discover, including the Google Assistant Ride that has captivated the show. This year Google went big and made a Google Assistant roller-coaster (similar to “It’s a Small World” in Disney) for the event. How cool is that? The ride focuses on the story of how you can use the Google Assistant throughout your day. 

      During the ride, riders go on a trip with Dad to run his errands, navigate through traffic, take care of the kids, head to a French bakery and purchase a cake for Grandma’s 91st birthday party. Throughout the experience, Dad says commands like, “Hey Google, take me to the bakery”, “Hey Google, send Jane my ETA” and “Hey Google, be my French Interpreter”. Will he be able to complete his day and make it to Grandma's birthday party? This ride truly puts into perspective a typical day in the life using Google Assistant and all the ways you can maximize your very own device. As connected home devices become more and more prevalent, this helps to illustrate real life examples of convenience and efficiency.

      You are likely unable to experience the ride first hand but we wanted to get you up close and personal so it feels like you are riding along with us. Come along with Cincinnati Bell as we show you the total experience. 

      If you want to skip the Intro and get to the good stuff, skip to 3:18. Enjoy!



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