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      Cooking Made Easy With Alexa

      Posted by Brianna on Nov 1, 2018 4:30:00 PM

       She can tell us the weather, who won that sports game, set timers, play that on point playlist, and answer your most random questions.

      Did you know that Alexa can help you cook too? Our friends Ryan and Alex took on the challenge of cooking with Alexa to show us how easy it is, plus some other cool things Alexa can help with along the way.

      Check it out!



      Next time you need to find a recipe for something quick, a sweet treat, or the steps to create a feast, just ask Alexa! With the Allrecipies skill, you can get access to thousands of recipes in seconds. To enable to the Allrecipies skill, simply open your Amazon Alexa app and search “Allrecipies” in the skills section. Tap “enable” and voila! You have a plethora of recipes for whatever type of food you’re looking to create.

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