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      Fioptics+ TV

      Posted by Alex N. on Feb 27, 2024 9:40:26 AM


      What is Fioptics+ TV?

      image-png-Feb-20-2024-02-37-09-6075-PMaltafiber introduced Fioptics+ powered by TiVo in October of 2021. Fioptics+ is a cutting-edge, next-generation television platform built off the Android TV framework. Using TiVo’s industry-leading user interface empowers users with some of the best features in the market today.


      Fioptics+ TV Features

      • The Fioptics+ powered by TiVo platform gives access to TiVo’s industry-leading recommendations engine, bringing customers' most watched shows to the forefront via the Smart Bar on the home screen. If you tend to watch the news at 5pm, you will see that programming option on the Smart Bar along with other highly watched or recommended content based on your watch habits.
      • Fioptics + RemoteBluetooth Voice Remote: ask the Google Assistant to tune to your favorite channel, find where your favorite movie is available to stream, or what the weather will be like tomorrow, and more.
      • Access to the most popular streaming services through the Fioptics+ set top box. No need to change inputs; launch your apps like Netflix, Disney+, Peacock, and more from the Fioptics+ guide or menu.
      • Integrated search and deep linking to content: Search once, and Fioptics+ will find where your show is available, even if it’s on other platforms like Netflix, MAX, Amazon Prime Video, and much more. Say you find the show you want is on Netflix; with Fioptics+, you have the ability to deep link into your apps and launch the content with a single press of a button, with no need to search a second time (subscription to Streaming apps is not included).
      • Fioptics+ App: Download the Fioptics+ app to your Amazon Fire, Google/Android TV, AppleTV, or Android or Apple mobile device to access your Fioptics+ content. No need for a set top box for every TV in the house if you already have say, a Firestick plugged into the spare room or on the patio.
      • Cloud DVR: No more worrying about losing your recordings if your equipment should fail;  recordings are kept in the cloud and available to all devices on your account, even mobile devices. You can also program future recordings from your mobile device while on the go.

      • Wireless, compact set top boxes: Much like streaming devices today, the Fioptics+ set top box is compact, about the size of a coaster, so is very inconspicuous. It is wireless, so it can go wherever you get an adequate Wi-Fi signal in your home.

      image-png-Feb-20-2024-02-38-30-5086-PMaltafiber customers who qualify and subscribe to a Fioptics internet service of at least 100Mbps (must have a fiber internet connection) can experience one of the most comprehensive entertainment platforms available today! Visit your local altafiber store today to get set up. 


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