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      6 Reasons Having a Landline Phone is Still a Good Idea

      Posted by Brianna on Feb 19, 2021 1:00:00 PM


      I know how much we all love our cell phones. They’re small(ish), seem to have infinite capabilities, are stylish, and keep the whole world at our fingertips. With the rise of smartphones, landlines have become somewhat of an afterthought.

      In fact, according to a study done by the National Center for Health Statistics, “As of June 2020, 62.5% of U.S. households were wireless-only for voice service, up from 59.2% a year earlier.”

      Of the homes that still have landline phones, over 34 percent of them also have a cellphone.

      Although both technically are “phones,” cell phones and landlines are two completely different pieces of technology. And while the rise of the smartphone has dominated the last decade or so, landline phones have also come a long way and still provide valuable services.

      Here are six advantages to keeping your landline in your home:

      Call Quality – many reports show the quality of sound and clarity in landline phones is better than on any cellular phone. This can be a very helpful asset for the hearing impaired and those who rely on a clear connection.

      Emergency response – Every second counts in an emergency. Even though cellular phones have GPS, often times they only transmit a general location, and it takes a longer time for emergency responders to get the information. Landlines, on the other hand, and are already affiliated with a specific address, so emergency responders can immediately trace that information.

      Power Outage – Again, although our cell phones work in a power outage, they have finite battery life. It is often hard to know when the power will come back on and the phones can be recharged, and those wireless chargers will die too. Corded landline phones work even when the power is out. If your phone service requires a battery backup, that will keep you connected for up to 8 hours after an outage providing you with precious time to connect with family members, call emergency services, or find an alternate power source to get your mobile phone charged. 

      Often Required with Home Security Systems – Many home security systems require a home phone connection to serve as a main base or a backup for the security company to contact. It also often decreases home security bills, as it is easier to connect security systems to landlines than cellphones.

      Ease of use for kids – Landlines are often a good backup plan to have for a child. Say there is an emergency, a child can be taught how to call 911 for help if something were to happen to a parent and the child could not access a locked or missing cell phone. They can also be a good way to allow children to use the phone without handing them a cell phone.

      Long Distance & International calling – With the often higher call quality, using a landline to speak with someone long-distance is usually the best method for communication.

      In addition to these advantages, many landline phones offer great and helpful features such as:

      • Voicemail
      • Call Forwarding
      • One Reach Plus
      • Priority Call
      • Priority Forward
      • Repeat Dial
      • Caller ID
      • Call Waiting
      • Anonymous Call Rejection
      • Call Return *69
      • Distinctive Ring
      • Reveal
      • Non-published number
      • Three-way Calling
      • Call Block
      • Quiet Time
      • Speed Call 30

      Although it may seem like a landline is a thing of the past, there are still good reasons to have one in your home. You never know when something unexpected may happen, or when having a landline could be the difference in an emergency.

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