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      New Year's Resolutions 2024

      Posted by Olivia G. on Jan 2, 2024 2:13:42 PM

      2024 is here, which means updated New Year's Resolutions! Check out some New Year's Resolutions below that may make your new year better!

      New Years Blog

      1. Be Greener with Technology

      Use more eco-friendly smart devicesNest

      Nest Thermostat- According to Google Nest, smart thermostats can save an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. The Nest Learning Thermostat allows you to schedule and adjust your temperatures right through the app and will automatically turns itself down when you leave the house. Watch our Tech Tip Video to learn more about the Nest Learning Thermostat's Eco Mode.



      Click and Grow


      Click and Grow- This self-sustaining smart garden can grow fresh greens, herbs, fruit and vegetables indoor. Learn more and purchase this innovative gadget here or check out what we're growing at many of our retail stores. 



      TP Link Smart Wi-Fi- Multiple TP Link products - like the LED Bulb, Light Switch, and Plug Mini - that help you save energy and money. Now available at all altafiber stores is the NEW TP Link Deco X55 Pro, Wi-Fi system that covers up to 6,500 sq. ft. with 2 x2.5 Gbps ports per unit. Each of these products are paired with the TP Link app to provide complete lighting control from anywhere. Track energy usage, set scenes, and schedule timers for your lights or products to automatically turn off when not being used. All available at your nearest altafiber retail store.

      Recycle or donate old electronicsOld

      In fact, you can locally recycle your old electronics, as your hometown provider we want to make sure you know of places in your neighborhood that takes donations of old electronics. Look below at our list of locations, and if there is not one in your neighborhood, let us know and altafiber will make sure you are covered. 

      Habitat for Humanity- Multiple locations across the Cincinnati area can accept the following at no charge: Computers, servers, monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, printers/fax machines, copiers, scanners, UPS and Battery backup systems, all stereo equipment, cameras, camcorders, cell phones, all palm equipment, video game systems, video games, DVD and CD players, DVD media, floppy disks, all phone equipment. 

      Cohen- With multiple locations throughout the greater Cincinnati area, they accept ferrous and non-ferrous materials from residential, commercial, and industrial recyclers. They offer a mail-in program, contact them today for acceptable items. 

      Staples-Accepts computers, computer equipment, cables, camcorders, PDAs, cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, fax machines, modems, etc. (TVs, batteries, kitchen appliances, etc. not accepted. See website for acceptable items. Customers can recycle any computer, monitor, or peripheral items at no charge at Staples' 1,500 U.S. store locations. 

      Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub - From TVs, refrigerators, cameras, computer monitors Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub accepts all kinds of items. Be sure to check out what items they accept. 

      Cincinnati Computer Cooperative-  Local corporations, small businesses, or individuals can bring used computer equipment to this nonprofit who rejuvenates the equipment and supplies to people who otherwise wouldn't have a computer of their own. Call to make an appointment. 

      For a full list of locations check Hamilton County Environmental Services 

      2. Device Refresh

      While you are doing your closet clean out, why not clear your browsing history on your device? Cache is a component that stores data so future requests can be served faster. Clearing this will not only make your phone, tablet, or computer more efficient, but it also clears up more room for storage on these devices. 

      Typically these clearing options can be found under “History” or “Settings” depending on which browsers you use, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Find more instructions here.

      3. Start a new routine

      Whether it is a new skin care routine, exercise routine or sleeping routine it is so important to have some sort of routine. Research shows it takes about 21 days to form a new routine, so by February you will be ready to keep rolling! Check out 5 fitness locations to join to start your new routine today!Image (1)

      The Beauty Boost Cincinnati- Women can join local events like retreat getaways, fitness events, empowerment workshops and socials! Make it a lifestyle by grabbing an event pass or start small and grab a ticket a la carte! 

      One More Rep Cincy- No matter where you are in your strength or fitness journey, One Rep Cincy promises to energize your mind, elevate your mood and enhance your health.  

      Body Alive- Located in Oakley, Kenwood, Mason, and Crestview Hills Body Alive offers Hot Pilates, Yoga, Barre and more! Sign up and get a 6 week trial for only $36! 

      NYXX Cycle- NYXX cycle classes are a full body workout that is to the beat of the music and built by your instructor to be different every class. The classes will encourage you to feel strong, motivated and challenged.  

      Starting Strength- At starting strength they guide you through a simple process: apply stress, recover, get stronger, repeat. Contact them today to get started! 

      Trilogy Fitness- Do you want to work on your fitness? Need a fun, safe place to train? Just want to feel better and look your best with a fun crew who’ll become like family? Trilogy Fitness want to make sure they are a good fit for you! After all…you've got to get to know each other first! So dip your toes into the Trilogy water and see if they are the right fit for you! Try 3 free sessions for only $39, they offer semi personal training, training program design and online coaching! 

      4. Visit new spots in Cincinnati 

      Avalanche Crepes- Are you looking for to take brunch to the next level? Whether you are looking for an avalanche of sweet or savory, look no further than Avalanche Crepes located at 160 W. McMillan St. Cincinnati, OH, 45219.Avalanche Crepes

      Shepard's Ground Coffee Shop- Shepherd’s Ground Coffee is located at 4190 Hamilton Cleves Rd, OH 45014. If you enjoy a nice warm cappuccino or a cold brew, they have you covered!

      French Toast Heaven- This slice of heaven is located at 4877 Smith Rd West Chester, OH 45069. Whether you want to top the signature French Toast with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Apple Carmel or just powdered sugar they have a vacation choice for all!

      Factory 52- This city within a city offers eat, drink, and shop located at 4590 Beech St. Cincinnati, OH 45212! Stop by Fulton Yards for coffee & spirits, Handzy Shop + Studio for some shopping, Hi-Wire for a Brew, or Aces Pickleball for some pickleball action!


      BanaSun Smoothie Bar- located at 1810 Race St. across from Findlay Market. They create delicious gourmet smoothies and smoothie bowls using fresh, all natural ingredients. They also offer organic frozen lemonades, fresh-squeezed orange juice and more!  

      Looking for more? Be sure to check out Connect Cincinnati’s page for more Cincinnati gems Here! 




      5. Become comfortable being uncomfortable

      Travel More! Don't be afraid to immerse yourself into new cultures, cities or countries! Becoming diverse is a wonderful thing to do especially by visiting the environment! Have you always dreamed of visiting a new place? This is your sign to do it! 

      Task risks and challenges outside of your comfort zone! Be in your yes era instead of your no era. Why not take the risk of rock climbing, or even just a challenge of spending more time outside? Becoming comfortable being uncomfortable is a unique trait that will make you, YOU!

      Find a new hobby or activity! Pickleball is up and coming, so why not try learning it? More activities or hobbies to take up in  the new year could be sewing, camping, running, gardening, knitting, etc.


      2024 brings a whole new year for each and every one of us, be sure to set realistic goals for yourself. Let us know which one you are setting this year or if your resolution was not listed, tell us in the comments!



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