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      Protect Your Family Online with Internet SafeGuard

      Posted by Brianna on Jul 12, 2018 12:00:00 PM

      How many hours a day do you spend online? How many a week? How many a month?

      We live in an age where the Internet is no longer a luxury, but an integral part of our daily lives. Almost everything can be managed through the Internet - banking, shopping, socializing, working – the possibilities are literally endless. So, it makes sense why people are spending more and more time connected.

      However, being constantly connected is a big responsibility. For as much great content there is on the web, there is bad content too. Malicious, dangerous content that can have real effects on your life, like identify theft for example, if you aren’t careful.

      Being your hometown provider means we strive to take care of our neighbors the best we can. That is why we partnered with a leader in cyber security, F-Secure. We’re excited to bring you the new comprehensive protection suite, called Internet SafeGuard, to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe online, on any device you use.

      “We are honored to continue working with a trusted household telecom brand, such as Cincinnati Bell, to help protect their customers from even the most sophisticated online threats,” said Timo Laaksonen, President at F-Secure North America. “People are using an increasing number of connected devices and we’re pleased to be offering our effective multi-device security solution to meet this consumer need. Additionally, the inclusion of our password management service will allow Cincinnati Bell customers to create strong, unique passwords for all of their online services and have those passwords easily available to them at all times. ”

      SafeGuard includes two award-winning security services, Internet SafeGuard and Password SafeGuard.


      Internet & Password SafeGuard

      Internet SafeGuard is your guardian of the digital world.  We want you to live your digital lifestyle to the fullest - explore the internet, enjoy online shopping, watch videos, listen to music, communicate with your family and friends. Internet SafeGuard empowers you to protect yourself, your family and your devices including smartphones, tablets and computers, with easy-to-use features and a simple installation process.

      Password SafeGuard offers a secure storage for passwords, log-in credentials, credit card details and PIN codes. It is easy to setup and use making it an ideal solution for even those who are less tech savvy. It’s highly appreciated by users, as it keeps them connected to daily life while keeping their personal information secure. You only need to remember one master password to access all of your login information on any device.

      Key User Benefits:

      • Easily manage your family’s online protection, even when outside the home
      • Protect all of your devices including smartphones and tablets
      • Know your money is safe with additional layer of security while banking or shopping online
      • Locate a lost mobile device or wipe it clean if stolen
      • Administer a proper bed time by setting an Internet curfew
      • Instantly scan all apps so devices are free of viruses and display only age-appropriate content
      • Be sure their homework gets done first by scheduling times for Internet access
      • Customize filters to block viewing of inappropriate content
      • Share your protection with loved ones to keep them safe online
      • Never forget a password again with automatic login feature
      • Easily generate unique and strong passwords to reduce your risk of being hacked
      • Identify weak passwords and quickly generate stronger login credentials
      • Never forget your password again, only one password for all accounts
      • Securely store your usernames, passwords, and credit card details
      • No matter which device you use, your stored data is accessible and changes are instantly updated across all devices
      • See a notification across your screen on anywhere a financial transaction is possible confirming you’re protected
      • Get real-time password alerts
      • Automatically login to your online accounts – no copy and paste needed!

      With SafeGuard, enjoy the awesome additional features like Family Rules, Banking Protection, and Browsing Protection.

      Additionally, here are other top ways that SafeGuard keeps your devices safe.

      PCs and laptops

      • Protect your home computer in the same way your office computer is protected
        Your office computer is protected by software that safeguards it against viruses, malicious software and protects corporate data against theft by criminals. SafeGuard gives you the same options on your home computer.
      • Limit the time your children spend on the Internet
        SafeGuard will let you decide for how many hours your child is allowed on the Internet playing online games every day. You can also define which sort of content can be accessed by your children, whether you’re monitoring them or not. This feature is available on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
      • Safeguard your memories 
        Built-in anti-virus application and protection against emerging threats ensures that all of the memories collected on your computer are fully protected. Your files will never be destroyed, encoded to demand payment for decoding them, or intercepted.
      • Shop online without worry
        Thanks to protection against spyware and browsing protection, your credit card number is invisible to criminals. You can relax when shopping online, booking hotels or buying air tickets.

      Smartphones & Tablets

      • Find your missing phone.
        Locate your lost phone and make sure no one can access your personal information stored on your phone should your device be stolen.
      • Find your child
        Check the location of your child’s phone from our online security portal available on MyAccount.
      • Avoid surprising charges
        Are you concerned that your children may install games than require additional payments? SafeGuard lets you control which applications are installed on their phones.
      • Block calls and text messages from unwanted numbers
        Start your own “Do not call” list with this feature that allows you decide who has access to you through your phone.
      • Decide which sites your child can visit 
        Even if they use tablets in their rooms, you can be sure that they do not visit inappropriate websites.
      • Protect your device against malware with browsing protection
        Protect yourself from phishing scams, ransomware and malicious apps that could be triggered by visiting the wrong site.
      • Keep login data and online banking passwords secure
        SafeGuard protects your tablet against spyware that steals your bank login information.

      Don’t ever worry about you and your family’s information being unprotected out there on the World Wide Web, and enjoy priceless peace of mind all the time.

      Don’t wait, click the button below to get SafeGuard now and get your family protected.

      Internet  SafeGuard

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