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      Why You Need 1 Gig

      Posted by Allison on Jan 10, 2019 4:24:46 PM

      Let’s talk about 1 Gig. How much do you really know about 1 Gigabit Internet? You might be asking yourself; just how fast is gigabit Internet?

      1 Gbps (gigabit per second or 1024 megabits) is the fastest Internet connection available in Cincinnati, allowing you to access your favorite online content faster than ever before. With the rise in household streaming and gaming, number of handheld devices, and smart home devices, there is an ever-increasing need for speed. 1 Gbps is a breakthrough service that will dramatically change the way you connect and bring the world into your home. It’s the Internet experience of the now!

      Why do I need 1 Gigabit Internet?

      Now that we know a little bit about why 1 Gig matters, let’s talk about what you can do with 1 Gigabit speeds, and which trust me, is a lot. Here are just a few of the exciting features unique to these breathtaking speeds.

      You love to stream: If your favorite activity is binge watching shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, you have probably wondered “what Internet speed do I need to stream?” No one wants their favorite shows to be interrupted by buffering. If you also love to be on your phone, computer or tablet while streaming video, 1 Gig can handle that too.

      You are a gamer: If streaming video isn’t your thing but gaming is, 1 Gig is essential. You can enjoy a truly rich, immersive multi-player experience while you game online. Stop dealing with lag and latency – 1 Gbps Internet allows you to play uninterrupted on a stable connection with no buffering. 1 Gig Internet is a great option to avoid annoying connectivity issues. You will thank yourself later.

      You love to stream AND game:  Maybe you love to stream, surf, stream, post, game, and twitch at the same time but hate buffering, lagging, or freezing. 1 Gig is what you need (plus, upload speeds of 250 Mbps).

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      You want to be on multiple devices at once: One of the absolute BEST reasons to upgrade to 1 Gigabit Fioptics Internet is to satisfy multiple users. If you have a family or have multiple people in your home, it has become more and more essential to have 1 Gigabit Internet to support your household.

      You want to protect your memories: Now you never have to worry about losing an Instagram or Facebook photo. You can easily upload, download, copy and share them to and from the cloud – and with 1 Gbps Internet service, you can do it all in seconds instead of minutes or hours.

      You want great connection: Nothing is worse than expecting great Internet connection and being disappointed with screens that won't load, videos that won't play or bandwidth issues. You shouldn’t have to worry about connectivity issues in your home. 1 Gigabit Internet will get you the connection you need and seamlessly flow without pause.

      One Gig Deal

      You own a small business:  1 Gigabit Internet gives you access to virtually unlimited bandwidth and can create endless growth possibilities for entrepreneurs, startups, and accelerator communities. You can leverage the fastest Internet in town for increased productivity wVVith your cloud-based applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Google Apps.

      You work from home: Your Internet speed might be enough to download small files, but if you are working from home and need to download or upload large files (like large CAD designs or 1000 page legal documents), having 1 gigabit will come in handy. 1 Gigabit Internet is definitely something to consider if you work primarily from your home office. 

      You need Internet for your whole family: 1 Gig Internet supports far more data simultaneously, making it easy to stream music in the kitchen, watch Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime in the living room and stream Twitch or game in the basement, and be on smartphones all over the house. It’s extremely important to keep your family satisfied. You want to be 1 Gig happy family, Right? Sit back and relax knowing that you are completely covered with Fioptics Gigabit Internet.

      You want the fastest Internet possible: Another huge reason to upgrade to 1 Gig Internet is to have the fastest Internet in town. Literally. Cincinnati Bell has the fastest Internet in town. You can support 25+ devices, stream more than 6 HD videos simultaneously, upload and share videos, stream music and surf on the web anywhere in your home all with 1 Gig. Sure, you may be thinking 25+ devices sounds like way more than you would ever need, but have you really ever sat down to think about all the devices in your household that are connected home devices. Multiple phone, tablets, cameras, monitors…they all add up more quickly than you might think!

      One Gig Internet meets everyone’s speed needs. As we like to say, it’s kind of a Gig deal.

      Get 1 Gig Internet Now

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