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      Responsible Recycling

      Posted by Nadja T. on Apr 22, 2024 9:39:18 AM

      altafiber is pleased to announce it will hold an Electronic Waste Recycling Event on April 25-28 at its stores during business hours in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton as part of the company’s Earth Month celebration.

      KenwoodResponsible Recycling

      Our economy craves critical metals – let’s call them “technical nutrients” – to build the carbon-fighting solar panels and electric cars we need, and the work-and-lifestyle-sustaining electronics we want and enjoy.

      So this month leading up to Earth Day, we’ll be highlighting our responsible recycling practices and opportunities in our business with videos and posts about:

      • Our partnerships reclaiming critical metals from our network by recovering and recycling telecom cables – 10.4 million pounds so far!
      • Our in-house refurbishment process, which gives functional network equipment the longest practical service life
      • Our process for recycling 100% of our electronics waste (e-waste) into next-generation IT products via Responsible Recycling (R2) certified partners – 595,600+ pounds in 2023

      All of which we hope inspires you to:

      • Go green with Fioptics Internet  – get off of copper and let us recycle it. Fiber is greener!Fiber is Greener Bin
      • Bring us your old, unused electronics during our e-waste collection event at our altafiber stores during business hours April 25-28! Turn your e-waste into “nutrients” for the economy with us.

      So why call critical metals like copper a “nutrient” instead of a material? Because they are essential substances that spur growth, including economic growth, if used in the right way. The seminal sustainability book, Cradle to Cradle, defines a “technical nutrient” as something non-biological (so it can’t or doesn’t biodegrade safely into nature) that should be used and reused and never wasted in our industrial economy.

      Speaking of copper, our telecommunication networks contain tens of thousands of miles of copper cable in underground conduit and hanging from utility poles. Some (soon to be most) of which is eclipsed as we over-build it with faster, more reliable and resilient fiberoptic cable to serve our customers better and faster. We also continually replace and upgrade the network equipment – routers, servers, switches – that move your data and voice across copper or fiber cables, be it across the neighborhood or the world. You know how fast technology evolves, right? That equipment has a finite functional life and is made of precious technical nutrients.

      We do our part to recycle IT products and cables back into our economy to fuel the next iteration of the tech products we love. And we invite you to go green with Fioptics internet and responsibly recycle e-waste with us this month!


      While you’re at the store, stop in to shop for eco-friendly devices and get a coupon for 10% off new store purchases as a thanks for recycling. Check out our Connected Life Catalog via this link.

      Interested in learning more about altafiber’s sustainability efforts  check out this link!


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