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      altafiber's Top 6 Blogs of 2023

      Posted by Olivia G. on Dec 19, 2023 8:17:10 AM



      Blog Wrapped 2023-2


      altafiber wrapped 2023 blog edition is here! Check out the top 6 blogs of 2023 below!

      Guide to Fioptics Remotes

      Watching TV is the absolute best especially when you are able to sit down, relax, and browse through your content with ease. On demand, fast forwarding through recorded TV, flipping through your favorites and browsing through the guide help make your TV watching experience that much better.

      Top 10 Parks in Cincinnati

      Feeling a little cabin-fever? Sometimes even all the technology and gadgets in the world can’t solve that. Luckily, Cincinnati is surrounded by great parks, trails, and camping sites to get you out of your house, away from your devices, and into the fresh air. 

      Stronger Networks are Built on Fiber

      When it comes to cybersecurity, your best offense is a fiber-fortified defense. Not only does altafiber’s Fiber Internet provide a stronger connection than competitors’ standard copper or cable networks, it also provides a more secure connection by design—at an affordable price.

      Connecting Dayton's Children to Healthcare

      One of the true gems of the “Gem City” is Dayton Children’s Hospital, a not-for-profit pediatric care provider and leading advocate for children in the Dayton region. With a history of innovation spanning more than a half-century, Dayton Children’s recently turned to altafiber to help it better meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy parents.

      Cybersecurity Traveling Threats

      Whether driving to Florida for a family vacation or flying to California for a business conference, security should be top-of-mind when traveling. It's important to remain vigilant to keep your business and personal information safe.

      Vishing vs. Phishing

      Research shows that vishing and phishing continue to be the most common means for scammers to commit fraud. Vishing, phishing, fishing...huh? Read to find out what these scams are and how to recognize them to prevent you from becoming a victim.

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