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UniCity: High-Speed Public Wi-Fi Comes to Boone County Parks, Recreation Areas

Posted by Dan Mazza on Aug 23, 2023 11:12:46 AM

altafiber and Boone County are proud to announce that fiber-enabled, high-speed public Wi-Fi will be available in multiple parks and recreation locations throughout Boone County and in partnership with the Cities of Florence, Walton and Union as part of Boone County’s broader effort to support economic growth and provide an outstanding experience for residents and visitors.

UniCity_Boone County_1-2

England-Idlewild Park is now Wi-Fi enabled, and the following Boone County locations will come online over the next several months:

  • Central Park
  • Boone Woods Park
  • Petersburg Community Center
  • Giles Conrad Park
  • Walton Community Park (City of Walton)
  • Florence Nature Park (City of Florence)
  • South Fork Park (City of Florence)
  • Boone’s Landing Marina 
  • Lassing Pointe Golf Course
  • England Idlewild Dog Park
  • Boone Links
  • Stringtown Park (City of Florence)

altafiber has also agreed to provide the following additional locations with public Wi-Fi and is in the early stages of engineering work:

  • Union Park (Union)
  • Orleans Park (City of Florence)
  • Lincoln Woods Park (City of Florence)

A ribbon-cutting event took place on Friday, August 11, at England-Idlewild Park to commemorate the first park going “live.” The event was held in conjunction with the National Disc Golf Association Pro Tour LWS Open event.

UniCity_Boone County_3-2

The increased access to public Wi-Fi is part of a public-private partnership that Boone County and altafiber announced in 2021, which is also bringing fiber to all single-family and multi-dwelling unit addresses in the county. 

As part of this partnership, altafiber’s Smart City organization–UniCity–is funding $500,000 worth of improvements to Boone County’s public Wi-Fi infrastructure. UniCity works with communities to leverage technology applications that support business district vibrancy, neighborhood-based enhancements, and public safety.

“altafiber is excited to partner with Boone County on this important initiative,” said Dan Mazza, Senior Director of Sales for altafiber. “Access to public Wi-Fi enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors, and will create new economic development opportunities for the city.”

UniCity_Boone County_4-2

“The UniCity public Wi-Fi project will enhance connectivity in Boone County and bring additional value to the county parks and recreation assets,” said Judge/Executive Gary Moore. “This project was negotiated as part of the fiber broadband initiative and is being constructed at no cost to the taxpayer. I appreciate the partnership with altafiber to bring this to reality and look forward to the residents of Boone County having access to free public Wi-Fi when using our parks and recreation facilities.” 

The time is now. To learn more, connect with your UniCity specialist by filling out the form here or email unicity@cinbell.com

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