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UniCity: High-Speed Public Wi-Fi Comes to Boone County Parks, Recreation Areas

Posted by Dan Mazza on Aug 23, 2023 11:12:46 AM

altafiber and Boone County are proud to announce that fiber-enabled, high-speed public Wi-Fi will be available in multiple parks and recreation locations throughout Boone County and in partnership with the Cities of Florence, Walton and Union as part of Boone County’s broader effort to support economic growth and provide an outstanding experience for residents and visitors.

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Connecting Dayton’s Children to Health Care

Posted by Joe Ropp on Jun 23, 2023 10:42:16 AM

One of the true gems of the “Gem City” is Dayton Children’s Hospital, a not-for-profit pediatric care provider and leading advocate for children in the Dayton region. With a history of innovation spanning more than a half-century, Dayton Children’s recently turned to altafiber to help it better meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy parents.

“The parents of our children are part of the millennial and Gen Z generations, and they are digital natives,” said Debbie Feldman, president and CEO of Dayton Children’s. “They want to be able to support their children’s health in a digital way. They want to be able to make an appointment at 10 at night when they finally have a chance to take a breath after their children are in bed. They want to be able to track their children’s health through the use of wearables and other kinds of technology. All of these technologies and new digital approaches are going to be instrumental to how we care for children in the future and how we monitor their health.”

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UniCity: Connect Our Students Initiative Brings Free Internet to Students

Posted by Trevor J. on Jun 22, 2023 1:24:43 PM

Press Release originally published by Butler County

On Friday, April 28, Butler Tech joined the Ohio Department of Development, Monroe Local Schools, Butler County Educational Service Center, BroadbandOhio, Ohio Connectivity Champions, SWOCA, and altafiber, to celebrate the “Connect Our Students” initiative which includes a $95,000 grant to bring high-speed internet to K-12 students living in the Rochester Hills community in Monroe. 

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Stronger Networks are Built on Fiber

Posted by Trevor J. on Jun 5, 2023 10:40:01 AM

When it comes to cybersecurity, your best offense is a fiber-fortified defense. Not only does altafiber’s Fiber Internet provide a stronger connection than competitors’ standard copper or cable networks, it also provides a more secure connection by design—at an affordable price. With a more secure connection, fiber is the trustworthy go-to for maintaining the safety of your business’ data and the customers you serve.

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Building Your Business with Fiber

Posted by Sam M on Dec 6, 2022 8:56:46 AM

As you plan for the future of your business, you need technology that’s not only going to get you through today; you need something that’ll take you tomorrow.


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The Fastest Internet for your Business, Secured

Posted by Mark Richie on Nov 10, 2022 8:44:05 AM

Calling. Collaborating. Connecting with clients. Managing your business, the way you want means having Internet speeds that keep up with all your multitasking needs. But what good is speed if it doesn’t come with safety and reliability? With fiber, you’ll get more than just a sense of security.

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Business Internet Speeds

Posted by Joe K on May 19, 2022 8:43:33 AM

The Need for (Internet) Speed
A baseball pitch. A cruise control setting. A video upload.

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Enhance Your E-Comm with Fiber Internet

Posted by Nicole H. on Feb 18, 2022 2:58:17 PM

“Location, location, location!” is an old adage in real estate and holds especially true for brick-and-mortar businesses setting up shop. In the age of the Internet, however, an equally important motto for businesses—particularly e-commerce shops—could be, “Connection, connection, connection!”

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Connecting More People To The Fastest Fiber Internet

Posted by Jim B. on Oct 7, 2021 9:48:27 AM

When it comes to Internet speeds, fast never seems to be fast enough. And whether you work, learn, or play from home, chances are the last year has made you appreciate the need for speed. From untimely outages to laggy connections — nothing gets in the way of work or play like inconsistent Internet.

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How smart is your business?

Posted by Mark Richie on Aug 11, 2021 1:00:21 PM

Each small business is unique in its own way. From the size of its staff to the variety of products and services it offers, there’s no shortage of nuances that make each one an invaluable part of our economy and a staple of its surrounding community. There is an advantage, however, that can help yours stand out and thrive: Intelligent Wi-Fi.

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Why Fiber will give your business the boost it needs

Posted by Joe R on Mar 29, 2021 11:33:36 AM
It’s no secret — fiber technology is the future of communications and a tool to keep us all connected. A key element to running a successful and smooth business is making sure that you are powered with the best and latest technology. It's important to have the power of fiber connecting your business with reliable bandwidth and the fastest speeds. No business has any time to go slow - you have to keep up- Well, you're in luck. Fiber is here to give your business a boost and future-proof your technology at the same time.
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The future of Dayton is bright with Fiber Technology

Posted by Ellen M. on Mar 26, 2021 3:42:22 PM

Owning a business is all about connecting with your community and your customers with constant drive to always find ways to grow and get to the next level. It’s no secret — fiber technology is the future of communications and the key way to how we all stay connected.  To run a successful and smooth functioning business, it's important that you have consistent reliable speed and the latest technology. It really is the best guarantee when it comes to future-proofing your business. 

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