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Fiber vs 5G: Which Option is Best for Your Business?

Posted by Trevor J. on Nov 16, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Chances are you’ve heard the buzz around 5G Internet offers from popular mobile carriers. But, can your business rely on the connection they use for their own mobile lines? When it comes to the things that mean the most for your company and customers—speed, reliability, security, and flexibility—we’re here to help you compare connections.

What are the key differences in reliability?

The possibilities for internet interference shouldn’t be left up in the air (literally), which is why fiber lines are laid beneath the surface. Fiber is able to protect your connection from power lines, buildings, and other natural barriers, so you can stay more plugged in and focused on your business. 5G towers, on the other hand, are more vulnerable to radio frequency interference and other natural obstacles out of your control.


How do speeds stack up?

With a connection three-to-six times faster—altafiber’s Fiber Internet runs laps around competitor 5G offerings. Plus, those speeds won’t just be in short bursts, either. Since fiber uses a physical connection, your business gets direct access to the fastest speeds around the clock. 5G-reliant carriers, however, can run into consistency issues with speeds that vary based on a combination of factors (i.e. your distance from towers or the number of people using your signal at once). That doesn’t just affect download speeds—it hampers upload speeds, too.

Why are upload speeds important for my business?

Upload speeds can have a major impact on business internet connections—especially when multiple members of your team are using Wi-Fi simultaneously. Video conferencing, data backups, sharing large files, streaming, hosting webinars, or anytime you’re trying to send data from your computer—it all relies on upload speeds. Upload speeds are crucial to running a business; yet, most internet service providers or even cable internet providers like Spectrum seem to overlook upload speed quality. Fiber technology raises the bar, offering the highest upload speeds available.


What about security against data breaches?

Security matters. Whether it’s sensitive business info, customer data or the natural yearning for peace of mind—fiber is an instant enhancement to company security. 5G signal radiation can leave the door open for hackers to gain access to protected info. Alternatively, fiber is a solid first layer of defense. Since fiber optic cables transmit data via light pulses, they are much more difficult to intercept, versus wireless signals used by 5G carriers or the electrical signals used by cable internet providers. While fiber shouldn’t be your only measure for cybersecurity, it is an important one. That’s why organizations like US data centers and nuclear storage sites opt for fiber. Learn about another important layer of defense altafiber offers: Secure Network.

My business is eco-friendly. How does my internet choice impact the environment?

Emissions from streaming, conferencing and browsing can have a major environmental impact. And, as 5G continues to replace LTE, its energy demand is projected to skyrocket 60x higher by 2030. The good news? Powering your internet with fiber cuts energy usage in half compared to 5G-reliant carriers. Combined with its enhanced durability increased energy efficiency and low-maintenance infrastructure due to less repair calls and lower vehicle emissions, fiber internet is a go-green environmental advantage. Learn more about how fiber is greener at our consumer blog.

I’m ready for fiber. What’s next?

Ready to make the switch? Contact us today or click here to learn more. Keep your business up and running with a fiber-powered connection you can count on.

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