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Is Your Business Cybersafe?

Posted by Sam S. on Nov 7, 2023 9:00:00 AM

SecurityBlog2-1By this point, we’ve all seen the headlines: data breaches, ransomware, hacked accounts. No matter how they’re conducted, cyberattacks pose a major liability for businesses, especially for businesses who are not taking network security seriously. With breaches occurring more and more frequently, it’s time to start thinking about securing your network to help protect your business from hackers trying to access your sensitive data.

Small Businesses and Cyberattacks

You might be wondering, “How vulnerable is my small business, really?” Statistics reveal that 71% of ransomware attacks target small businesses, yet 57% of small business owners don’t perceive cyberattacks as a threat. While cyberattacks on larger businesses may get more press coverage, the reality is that day after day, small businesses are targeted. With a recent study revealing that a new business is hit every 14 seconds, attacks are occurring more and more frequently. As technology advances and more of our daily tasks are connected to the internet, opportunities for cybercrime only increase.

Where are you vulnerable?

We live in an online world, and many of the devices used in daily business operations are connected to the Internet. Consequently, our technology is increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Some of the most commonly targeted devices include:

  • Point-of-Sale Systems aka POS: They deal with sensitive data and POS systems are targeted by attacks like credit card skimmers.
  • Security Systems: Their software is not consistently updated and cameras are at risk for breaches.
  • Digital Signage: Physical signs and signage software are frequently targeted to show harmful content.
  • Employee Cell Phones: Compromised devices run the risk of infecting your network.
  • Computers: Sensitive data kept on business computers is especially vulnerable when your network is breached.
  • Entertainment Systems: If their software is not kept up to date, devices like smarts TVs and Wi-Fi speakers are vulnerable to breaches.ShoppingGetty-1

The Cost of Cyberattacks

The costs of cyberattacks are staggering. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, they’re due to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. For small businesses, the fallout is often devastating. Consequences such as fines, breached customer records, and direct financial losses are inevitable. Ransomware, an increasingly common attack, prevents users from accessing their files until they pay a large fee. Payments can range from anywhere between $116k to $1.2M, figures most small businesses cannot afford. A cybersecurity manager from TechSolve wrote how outcomes like defective products, identity theft, and diminished customer trust are harder to track but can occur just as easily. These issues can drastically decrease your business’s bottom line as well as its value and reputation.

Questions for Small Business Owners

So, is your business cybersafe? Protecting your business and securing your network does not have to be complicated. To make things simpler, we’ve listed some questions to help you assess your cybersecurity needs:

  • Who keeps your devices patched and up to date?
  • What happens if these device lose connectivity or get hacked/compromised?
  • How long can your business afford for the devices you depend on to be offline?
  • What happens if your devices allow scammers to access your customer and financial records? 
  • Ultimately, what is your plan to shield your business and recover from cyberattacks?

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Secure Network is a seamlessly-integrated line of defense that protects your business against cybercrime. Our team is here to professionally install, support, and fortify your already secure Fioptics connection. Security is at the foundation of Secure Network, and our threat detection and protection runs 24 hours a day. Rest easy with network security for all your devices, a superior Wi-Fi experience for your guests and employees, and enhanced network performance. With Secure Network, you’ll have benefits like an auto-quarantine system for compromised devices and a different network for guests, vendors and employees. 

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