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Hear from our business customers

Posted by Jessica K on Jan 27, 2021 11:46:57 AM

Today more than ever, we are all realizing how important and critical it is to have powerful and reliable telecom services. Staying connected during this Covid pandemic has been crucial to our every day lives and business operations.  A key part to any successful growing business, is a fast and reliable Internet connection. altafiber is proud to say that they have been working hard, going the extra mile to keep their customers happy.

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Keeping you connected while working remote

Posted by Jessica K on Apr 14, 2020 10:07:20 AM

The “office” environment has changed dramatically in a very short time due to COVID-19.  Most businesses had to quickly adapt to shifting their workforce immediately and have their employees start working remotely. With such a sudden change, this left many businesses asking themselves if their employees have the right tools to stay productive while remote.

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Top 10 List for Starting a Business

Posted by Jessica K on Jun 4, 2019 4:59:00 PM


A successful small business always starts out as a grand idea. Transforming and growing that idea into your very own business, might feel overwhelming in the beginning, and understandably so. There are a lot of different factors that contribute to starting a business. Like any ambitious goal, you will need to start by breaking it down into small, manageable tasks. 

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